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Nxedge Style [MS UNIT] Z Gundam + Hyper Mega Launcher

MYR 130.00

Pre-Order deadline on 10-Aug-16

- Beyond the time ... Z (Zeta) Gundam appeared to NXEDGE STYLE!

- In the series up to armed Ζ Gundam start !!

- NXEDGE STYLE unique with outstanding detail.

- Large hyper-mega-launcher attached.

- Long beam saber can be a variety of actions in the reproduction parts and the like.

- Rich in combination with the weapon, Kimaru action.

[set content]
· Body
Beam rifle
Hyper Mega Launcher
Beam saber
• Replacement beam saber tip
• Replacement wrist left and right
· Pedestal set


Height: approx 90mm.