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1/100 MG Gundam Amazing Red Warrior

MYR 175.00

- [Gundam Build Fighters Try] the appearance of surprise is in Episode 11, commercialization suit is Amazing Red Warrior of the third generation master Kawaguchi that stole the topic to the format of the latest MG also in the final story.

- The same can be a variety of poses in the play. Advent scene of 11 episodes by the wrist to the moving can be replicated!

- Shoulder booster moving to flexible.

- Missile hatch of the chest can be deployed by pressing the ribs of the back.

- Armed it can be replicated all forms. Each armed also possible to have in hand is removed.

- Accessories includes: dedicated bazooka, beam saber (right arm cuffs, SB-9), handgun, beam rifle shell, beam rifle Otsu, beam Gatling, pilot figures (Standing-sitting)


Item Size : 39 x 31 x 9.1 cm