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1/144 HG Char's Zaku 2

MYR 45.00 MYR 50.00

- Char's Zaku II finally gets the well-deserved HG upgrade it's been waiting for! Following the design of the Suit from Gundam: THE ORIGIN, this kit boasts fine detail, ideal proportions, and an impressive range of motion.

- Monoeye camera features lever-operated movement gimmick.

- Updated chest parts with integrated Vulcan guns along with the traditional smooth chest parts. 

- Arm mobility improved for dynamic firing stances. 

- Side armor slides to accommodate kneeling poses.

- Includes Combat Heat Hawk as well as a mounted Heat Hawk. Zaku Bazooka can be attached to the backpack, and spare magazines on the shield. 

- Accessories: Zaku Bazooka, Spare Bazooka Magazine x2, Anti-Ship Rifle, Heat Hawk (Combat), Heat Hawk (Mounted), Fist (Right), Rifle Manipulator (Left, Right), Open Palm (Left)


Item Size/Weight : 29.8 x 19 x 7.8 cm / 366g