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1/144 HG Zaku I (Denim/Slender Custom)

MYR 60.00

Pre-Order deadline on 7-Mar-16


- [GUNDAM THE ORIGIN] reproduce the three-dimensional denim / Slender machine with compatible the Zaku I appeared in Ruumu campaign scene!

- The two aircraft in compatible reproducible
Shoulder part are two types of accessories. Furthermore Slender machine, marking to reproduce the denim machine (Tetoron seal) is included.

- Variety of armed accessories
Machine gun, such as anti-ship rifle rich armed included. A variety of weapons can be mounted to the back pack and waist (side, back).

- Accessories: MS for the machine gun, MS for a machine gun spare magazine, MS for anti-ship rifle ASR-78, the heat Hawk, heat Hawk (storage state), MS for bazooka type A2, MS for bazooka spare magazine × 2, bazooka joint, open hand (left), gun possession (right), weapons possession (left and right)


Item Size : 29.8 x 18.8 x 6.6 cm