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1/60 Perfect Trans VF-1S Strike Valkyrie (Roy Focker Special) Movie Ver.

MYR 800.00

Pre-Order deadline on 24-May-16.

- Than [Do you Macross love, remember], a popular senior [Roy Fokker] to boarding than the hero, I will release the VF-1S Strike Valkyrie.

- VF-1 as a set of body and strike parts, a sense of volume packed!

- Equipment armed and to the wing hard points, boarding possible figure also shipped to the cockpit.

- Since the micro-missile pods also included for the super parts, also available as a super Valkyrie!

- Accessories: gun pods, missile pod, triple type surface-to-air missile, boarding for the pilot figure, strike parts set, the right side for a back-pack missile pod, large anti-ship reaction bombs, movie version of posing for the hand parts, cockpit capsule attachment, stand use attachment various, Battroid for getting on and off sheet, shape complementary parts various, marking stickers, instruction manual

- Design cooperation :( stock) T-REX (Hiroyuki Motoki)

Full length: approx 250mm. (Fighter)