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MYR 1,055.00

Pre-Order deadline on 14-Sep-16

- Shishioni and phased strongest Zoids appeared! To commemorate the HMM series birth 10 anniversary [RBOZ-003 Gojulas] revival in `Di auger specification`!

- Parts total number plus a significantly new parts to Gojulas of normal is about 1400!

- It is a super-sized kit that updates the maximum volume of Kotobukiya plastic model in history.

- It boasts a very long range [long range Buster Cannon] is equipped with a telescopic gimmick next to the full-length 360mm, in the rear. In addition long-range Buster Cannon to `extend the` versatility as customize parts of [the attachment portion conversion attachment] by optional Zoids: can be installed in (for example, blade liger-liger zero, etc.).

- [8 twin missile pod] abdominal hatch is to expand it in conjunction with the withdrawal of the sensor part, has been similarly large arrange the Iron Kong PK [power cable] will be moving to flexible per specification through the lead wire inside .

- Please please enjoy the overwhelming force of the appropriate the strongest Zoids [Gojulas-the-auger.

- Reproduced in the large size of the full-length 360mm and boasts a very long range [long range Buster Cannon]. Large of the magazine parts are can be removed from Cannon body in a different part.

Furthermore Cannon rear is equipped with a telescopic gimmick of the pullout. You can enjoy the action that the image of the time of shelling.

- Long range Buster Cannon` in the mounting portion conversion attachment] has become a diameter `that corresponds to the release was part Zoids cap` in the past in a manner that is put directly to the Zoids cap [blade liger] and [liger zero] and It supports the Zoids by using the same Zoids cap.

- Back [energy tank] is the possible expansion of the heat-radiating fins.

- Abdomen [8 twin missile pod] is to expand the hatch in conjunction with the pull-out of the sensor part in the hatch expansion formula.

- [Power cable] will be moving to the internal parts made of plastic are also largely arranged with the Iron Kong Puroitsuen Knights to flexible per specification through a lead wire.

- Of large-scale, which is attached to the tail [stabilizer] will be able to support a huge Gojulas-the-auger body becomes the attitude control outrigger and also movable in addition to cylinder expansion and contraction.

- It is possible to expose the built-in `Zoidokoa` by taking out the main generator of the abdomen.

- Cockpit canopy can be boarding the pilot figure of the Republican Army to open and close the seat.

- Of the tail tip [container block] is to open and close, AMD30mm beam gun deployment, was attached to the side [Muxer versatile machine gun] is can be folded.

- Head fighting weapon [hyper killer bytes Fang] can be wide open a huge jaw by a shaft movable pullout roar.

- You can pose in the stoop by the heel portion is movable.


Height: approx 370mm.
Full length: approx 590mm.
Item Size : 73 x 41 x 22 cm