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1/72 VF-31F Siegfried (Messer Ihlefeld Custom)

MYR 200.00

Pre-Order deadline on 14-Aug-16

- 1/72 Messer specifications of the VF-31F on a scale three-stage variant model appeared!

- Elation partnering with Imagine deformation gimmick! Like fun, such as assembling the actual and the sense of accomplishment!
- Fighter, Gawoku, three-stage deformation mechanism mounted !! to Battroid form

- Fighter forms corresponding to the action base 1. Possible aerial displays, such as riding in the wind!
- Knee to the reverse break is, reproducible !! the overhang of Gawoku form distinctive leg
- Hip rotates in Battroid form, also possible !! be given an action pose

- Point1: head antenna gimmick
Side head machine gun at the time of moving !! Fighter side of the head machine gun is the ball is housed down in front of the face !!

- Point 2: figure / cockpit
Cockpit, monodentate and double seat selection formula !! figures comes with two types of Messer and Valkyrie !!

- Point 3: lock mechanism
Equipped with a locking mechanism, improve the retention force at the time of each form deformation !!

- Point 4: Landing Gear
Development and storage of landing gear, reproduce !! in the parts replacement

- Point5: container and beam gun pod
Container movable deformation equation. Gun pods is also possible to expand, have to hand !!

- Point6: wrist parts and Assault knife
Grip hand, smack, in three species of wrist parts are included! Knife folding for fighter form, can also be accommodated in the shield !!

- Point7: arms rail gun (minigun pod)
Shelling style of arms railgun reproducibility !!

- Accessories: container unit, beam gun pod, arms rail gun (minigun pod) (left and right), shield (left and right), Assault knife × 2, landing gear × 3 [front wheel, rear wheel (left and right), figures × 3, wrist (left and right) × 3 kinds, action-based 1 for joint × 2


Item Size : 39 x 31 x 6.5 cm