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BB Senshi 400 - LEGEND Knight Superior Dragon

MYR 90.00

Pre-Order deadline on 7-Mar-16


- BB Senshi No.400 !! finally appeared! Knight Superior Dragon advent !!! golden God to LEGENDBB

- Gundam EXPO World Tour Japan No.400 memorable BB warrior, which was announced at last in 2015 finally appeared. Three-dimensional plastic model in this time of LEGENDBB becomes the first.

- Reproduce the golden body also say Superior Dragon biggest feature in gold!

- Superior large wing and tail reproducibility is also a feature of the Dragon. Achieve a flexible movable by a ball joint.

- Sword reproduce the grip guard as configured. It comes with a shield that also becomes characteristic sheath and the dragon head.

- It can be to the original large bow by combining the weapon.

- It can be modified to the Dragon mode by replacing some parts, such as a shield.

- It comes with clear yellow pedestal.

- Accessories: Double Sword, Dragon shield, display base


Item Size : 31 x 20.5 x 6.5 cm