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Chogokin Mazinger Z (Hello Kitty Color)

MYR 320.00

Pre-Order Dateline on 12-Jan 2016.

Item release on Jun 2016

- Mazinger of tricolor Z

- You tend to tighten the color becomes a Hello Kitty color fancy plating. Chest of ribbon new shape parts.

- Jet Scranton Zehnder jet Scranton Zehnder also special belt included. Plating of Hello Kitty icon is shining.

- Matching of special plating pedestal Mazinger Z, Hello Kitty (sold separately), special plate with pedestal is included with each. The surface of the pedestal is plated finish.

- The [shake hands] Mazinger Z in conjunction part of the Hello Kitty to come with parts to reproduce the handshake scene with Hello Kitty.

- The set includes a main body, a dedicated pedestal, replacement wrist left and right each two, shaking hands wrist, jet Scranton loaders, Mazinger blade.