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DX Chogokin VF-31J Siegfried (Hayate Immelman Custom)

MYR 850.00

Pre-Order deadline 10-Aug-16

- Finished goods, three-stage variant.

- Macross flagship item, DX super alloy is finally Take Off !!

- Fighter Gawoku-Battroid bankruptcy without three-dimensional each form.

- Adopt a click mechanism for the main joint. Color ring, of course, each part of the marking is also precisely reproduced.

- DX super alloy is plunged into a new dimension -.

- A New deformation system

· The deformation of the arm portion is a combination of the movable shaft in three dimensions

- Reproduce the container deployment of the drama intermediate street.

· Landing legs hidden in the knee armor is expanded to rotate.
Calf of drone section slide deployment.

- Design and gimmick evolving. Possible and rotation of the waist. And it adopted the first click mechanism in the hip joint.

• Part in equipped with a lock system stabilize the style of each form.

- Reality the amount of information that invites to the (realistic) (color ring & marking)
And reproducibility of the marking of the actual equipment just like by masking and pad printing.


Height: approx 260mm.