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Dynamite Action! Series No.1 EX Steel God Jeeg Steel Jeeg (Previous Generation) (Limited Edition to 500 units)

MYR 730.00

- Than masterpiece special effects TV movie [Giant Robo], Big Fire delegation manipulate [GR2] appeared to dynamite action!

- Effect parts representing the windmill from the rocket propulsion device behind at the time of flight, also expressive various hand parts attached.

- Further comes with a shoulder of the cover parts for the bellows, you can hide the shoulder of the magnetic joint anxious when posing.
- By all means, [Dynamite Action! Giant Robo] and side-by-side Please reproduce the confrontation scene!

- Was equipped to each part of the joint, by a common magnetic joint, parts exchange between dynamite action series is also possible.

Parts Configuration
Giant Robo body × 1
• Replacement hand parts (left and right) × 3 set
Shoulder for bellows cover (left and right) × 1 set
Rocket injection effect × 1 set


Item Size/Weight : 30.3 x 24 x 9 cm

Height: approx 17cm.