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Dynamite Action Legend of Daiku-Maryu Gaiking The Great Miyazawa Limited Edition Plating Color Ver.

MYR 920.00

- [The Great Guy King] comes up with dynamite action at last! Limited only 200 units worldwide.

- Using a specially made of magnetic joint, making it possible to retrofit parts to [Gaiking] from [The Great Guy King].

- Various armed included in both mode, playability is a perfect score.

- The plating process in some parts, I direct the premiere feeling a limited edition of this place more! !

- It becomes unbearable gem in the Super Robot mania.

- Equipped with a common magnetic joint of dynamite action unique to each part of the joint, separating combined any way you want!

- In addition, you can exchange parts of dynamite action series with each other.

- Part composition: Guy King The Great body × 1, Death Per site × 1, Guy King shield × 1, Guy King The Great wrist × 2 set, Gaiking wrist × 3 set, Guy King The Great separation state for parts × 1 set, Guy King Axe × 1, Gaiking retrofit parts × 1 set, Guy King Lance × 1, Stinger (Sky Guy King when wing) × 1, Gaiking separated state for parts × 1 set


Item Size/Weight : 40.2 x 24.2 x 9.2 cm / 975g