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Dynamite Action S! Metal Action Steel Jeeg & Panzeroid

MYR 495.00

Pre-Order deadline 8-May-16.

- Dynamite Action S! / Deals set of metal-action Steel Jeeg and Pansaroido appeared !!

- And steel Jeeg which was renewed review the various places, to a set of Pansaroido an improved range of motion, as a bonus part [Jeeg Buckler] one additional (a total of two), and to hand the steel Jeeg of a stretch full-featured Please put!

-. Of course, built a dynamite action Spec to Gigue & Pansaroido both, by making full use of the magnet +8 mm iron ball that was charged to each of the joints, including the freedom of poses, you can enjoy a coalescence-recombination play with each part (the same series parts exchange with is also available).

- Please look forward to Steel Jeeg & Pansaroido !!

Height: approx 11cm.