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HI-METAL R: Fang of the Sun Dougram - Dougram

MYR 472.00

Release Date : Within 2017/2
Pre-order Deadline : 2016/10/10

- Whether truth is visible? HI-METAL R areas of chapter opening !!
Weaving think that a New story is quickening.

- It will add a New work in HI-METAL R series of popular in the high action of a gimmick.
- From 1981 over 1983 it has been TV broadcast three-dimensional the Dougram a leading role mechanical than [Fang Dougram of the sun].
- It is the emergence incorporate the action of the surprisingly clunky form.

- Figure of hero [Clean-Qasim] is two accessories.
- You can reproduce the scene to lean forward from the seating position and the cockpit.
- Detachable of each armed.
- Turbo Zach falls back pack is detachable.
- Reproduce the recoil of linear canon with the built-in spring.

- The set includes: body, replacement for the left wrist three, exchange for the right wrist two, Riniagan, turbo Zach, missile pod, linear canon, pilot figure two, antenna × 2 (spare included)

Height: approx 160mm.