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HI-METAL R: Fortress Macross - HWR-00-MKII Destroyed Monster

MYR 925.00

- Combat pod ace pilot of the Zentraedi forces ride lineup to HI-METALR!

- [Macross] often been at war with the Joint Force in [Kamujin, Kuravushera] started, and is the aircraft elite warriors of Zentraedi corps ride.

- More than Regard the general soldiers to maneuver, moving to set as each joint under the trade size of suitable executives volume. Cockpit opening and closing is possible.

- Reproducible to pose that it is not satisfied that it is not the weightlessness of space in a dedicated base of the new shape.

- The set includes: body, dedicated pedestal set, joint parts for seat


Height: approx 230mm.
Full length: approx 400mm.

Item Size/Weight : 30.3 x 30.2 x 27.2 cm / 2320g