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HI-METAL R: Fortress Macross - VF-1A Valkyrie

MYR 250.00

Pre-Order deadline 11-May-16.


- Able to create their own Valkyrie platoon!

- Appeared VF-1A standard mass-production machines in the newly built head parts!

- It can be changed from the theater version of the VF-1A in that replace the head and wrist on the setting of the television version!

- Head in the ball joint connection, replace and can be changed to the head of the TV version from the head of the theater version.

- Corner wrist, two types supplied circle wrist. Possible changes to the TV version and replace the wrist the figure of VF-1A from the theater version.

- General soldiers boarding of the Joint Force also comes with two types of suit of the theater version of the suit and the television version.

- With the included new parts, it can be reproduced in a form close to the detail of the breast the upper surface of the Battroid after deformation more in the play.

- The set includes: body, replacement round wrist five, replacement angle wrist five, landing legs set, gun pods, soul stage for joint parts set, AAM-1 missile × 4, wing left and right for the missile, a small wing parts, TV edition head parts, detail parts for Battroid chest, cockpit cover, the air intake shutter left and right, pilot figure.


Height: approx 140mm.