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HI-METAL R: Fortress Macross - VF-1J Valkyrie (Ichijyo Hikaru Model)

MYR 280.00

Pre-Order deadline on 12-June-16


- Appeared VF-1J Hikaru Hikaru of the TV version!

- Reproduce the image in the play with the attached detail parts and newbuildings head parts!

- Renewed the head!

Reproduce the camera eye in the clear part in the newly built head parts!

The shape of the machine gun also reproduced in proportion closer to Gekichu silhouette.

- Parts of the Battroid to stylish accessories!

It comes with a small wing parts to enhance the action .

It comes with a chest detail parts to reproduce the play in the specification at the time of Battroid.

- View of the world that spread because the same scale! Regard, play also Guraji!

- Of course variable !! to three forms

- The set includes: body, chest detail parts, missile wing (left and right each 1), a small wing, canopy cover, landing legs (nose under, left and right), the shutter open air intake (left and right), replacement round wrist parts left 3 seed and right two, replacement angle wrist parts left three and right two, gun pods, AAM-1 missile parts × 4, for use and Gawoku Fighter for joint parts Battroid


Height: approx 140mm.