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Mazinkaiser (Plastic model)

MYR 280.00 MYR 296.00

Pre-Order close on 30-Mar-16.


- God also exceeded, appeared dignified devil even defeat the ultimate Super Robot Mazinkaiser is in the plastic model!

- Huge wings [Kaiser scrambler Dah] is full width 360mm! Such as a unique joint structure to achieve both the proportions and movable prototype teacher is stuck, please make sure to take in your hand by all means.

- Kaiser pile Zehnder is comes with two at the time of coalescence time, flight, united at the time of removal is also possible.

- A huge sword, final Kaiser blade emerging from the Z mark of the chest can be reproduced at the time also appeared in replacement.

- `Sword possession with the final Kaiser blade` is capable of a wide range of actions for which there is a movable shaft to the base.

- Huge wings `Kaiser scrambler Zehnder` of course can be mounted, the entire width will moveable 360mm next to the base.

- Extensive use of pullout joint to each part, but also is both a wide range of movement while maintaining a massive proportions.

- Because it corresponds, such as the flying-based Neo you can enjoy in a variety such as aerial combat with a powerful situation.

- Accessories: Kaiser pile Dah two (at the time of coalescence time-flight), Final Kaiser blade, wrist part three (sword possession-grip hand-slap) left and right content.


Item Size : 40 x 33 x 9 cm