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Meisho Movie Realization Samurai Daisho Darth Vader

MYR 335.00

Pre-Order deadline on 10-Jul-16

- Kick-off! Samuraidaisho Darth Vader emergency

- Never by Japanese-style arrangement of Takayuki Takeya's, one and only, nobody saw [Samuraidaisho Darth Vader] Kenzan!

- Sculptor Mr. Junichi Taniguchi.

- I treat the mark of [Imperial] In the center of the helmet. And design of Wakizashi Japanese-inspired, dense shaped the image of Japan armor.

- Arrange to Japanese sword wind lightsaber. Comes with two types of Tatewaki for the normal time.

- Various wrist accessory. Can reproduce and Darth Vader to manipulate the Force, the [two-handed of lightsaber] seems to Darth Vader.

- A , high quality figure series to arrange the characters on the theme by top creators the [movie].

- Design arrangements of which the motif different from the play during the [sum] produces the presence of the one and only.

- The set includes: body, each of the three kinds of exchange for left and right wrist, lightsaber two


Item Size/Weight : 26 x 17 x 6.6 cm / 470g

Height: approx 180mm.