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METAL BUILD Gundam Astray Blue Frame (Full Weapon Equipped)

MYR 1,000.00

Pre-Order deadline on 10-Aug-16

- METAL BUILD largest of heavily armed!

- Three-body eyes of Astray, appeared blue frame is equipped with a full Weapon of large volume to METAL BUILD!

- [Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY] Nomou one of the main character, cloud masses criminal investigation (Murakumo Guy) Cal [Gundam Astray Blue Frame] is, commercialized in full Weapon equipment that was used in the cartoon Parts3.

- By Mr. Junichi Akutsu of the hands of the original designer, body similarly full Weapon also greatly arranged for METAL BUILD.

- Also features new armed recombinant gimmick, is equipped with a high play value.

Full Weapon]
- A number of firearms that have been equipped with, adopted a draw awakened design for METAL BUILD by Junichi Akutsu original designer who worked also arrangement of the body.

- Has become a detachable specification, in the same way in the play, reproducible way fight while purging.

[Original armed form]
- One in [8 twin short-range missile launcher] is added, and comes with each joint.

- It can be equipped with recoilless rifles and launchers to the left and right of the weapon rack.

- It is possible to enjoy the recombination of assumed armed various war situation.

- The electrolytic plating is to die cast, white of the exterior parts, by intensive polycarbonate material, produce a distinctive shine.

- Electroplating using a blue plating was toned dedicated, to enhance the deep blue texture which can not be represented in the paint. Shades of polycarbonate also were adjusted for blue flame, has a white with a slightly bluish deep.

[set content]
· Body
• Replacement wrist left and right each three
Beam rifle
Vs. beam shield
· Saber × 2
- Stand set
Weapon Rack
Joint set
· Recoilless gun × 2
- 3 twin short-range missile launcher × 2
• 8 twin short-range missile launcher × 2


Height: approx 170mm.