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Metal Robot Spirits: (Ka signature) Side MS Ex-S Gundam

MYR 630.00

Pre-Order deadline on 10-Jul-16


- Strengthening type of hero machine S Gundam that appeared in a magazine planning [Gundam Sentinel]. Wearing a blue splitter camouflage, product specifications with a color representation and a profound feeling of as METAL ROBOT soul.

- By the movable of the opening and closing and stabilizer wing of shoulder armor, you can look with at the time of the density sense of UP and posing.

- The structure employs a die-cast material, as well as directing the strength and profound feeling, ensure the interlocking and the range of motion of armor.

- The booster unit built-in gimmick to change the angle. Large-diameter beam canon also moving in conjunction with the poses.

- Opening and closing and the attachment and detachment of the Reflector InComm part. Furthermore, reproducible launch state using cables.

- Beam smart cancer stretch function built-in. In addition, built-in rotation gimmick to disk radome.

- The set includes: body, beam smart gun, Incom for cable, Incom repeater, replacement wrist left and right each of the four species, beam saber × 2, Stand set


Height: approx 140mm.