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Nxedge Style [MS UNIT] 00 Qan

MYR 105.00

- [Movie Mobile Suit Gundam 00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer-] protagonist machine lineup [Double Oak Anta] is to the ninth edition next-edge style!

- While compact, detail has been built throughout the body. In addition, such as GN DRIVE and GN Sword bit of chest, adopt clear parts to each part.

- GN Sword bit dedicated struts attached. In addition, GN Sword V is [GN Buster Sword] by replacing the tip reproducibility. It can be directing the various situations.

- Following the [Gundam Astray Red Frame, general-purpose slashing effects included. Combination by, it will increase the play value of the entire series.

- The set includes: body, replacement for the left wrist one, GN Sword V, Sword-bit fixed strut, slashing effect parts B, dedicated STAGE B set (pedestal, figure struts, effects strut)

Height: approx 90mm.