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Nxedge Style [MS UNIT] Gundam Barbatos

MYR 90.00

- Protagonist machine [Gundam Barbados] is, finished goods action figure fastest commercialization!

- Styling
The distinctive design some frames are exposed, are reproduced in style. This report provides the detail of setting the whole body, finish to look good.

- Coloring
The exterior has adopted a metallic color and gloss color. A variety of texture to enhance the appeal of the finished product unique.

- Weapons
Katana (provisional) and Mace (provisional) is included. Mace (provisional) can reproduce the two forms by replacing the tip.

- Retrofit gimmick
It can reproduce in the bonus part of the various forms of [Gundam Barbados]! [Shuvu~arube gray size (McGillis machine)] and (sold separately), that the following items (sold separately), comes with a bonus part to reproduce the various forms of [Gundam Barbados].

- Effects interlocking
3 consecutive months [Nekusuejji general-purpose Effects included! Nekusuejji general purpose slashing effect, also comes in the Gundam Barbados]. The third edition of this time, oversized and shaped the image of a moment that was swung down strongly. Similarly up to now, it can be free exhibition in the included dedicated posts. Of course, free to exchange and play with different characters next-edge series in combination.

- Accessories: body, exchange wrist (left and right), sword (provisional), Mace (provisional), replacement for Mace (provisional) tip, slashing effect parts C, dedicated STAGE set (pedestal, figure struts, effects strut)


Item Size/Weight : 17.6 x 11.2 x 5.6 cm / 128g

Height: approx 90mm.