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Nxedge Style [MS UNIT] Gundam Mk-V

MYR 150.00

- NXEDGE STYLE Gundam Mk - V driving New Dezsuke chief competed!

- Following the Ex-S Gundam (sold separately) released in February, Gundam Mk-V appears from [Gundam Sentinel]!

- Reproduce the powerful body with the reality filled model.

- Large beam · saber is represented by the largest volume of NXEDGE STYLE history! The powerful name scene will be revived.

- It is possible to rotate the beam · saber to the armpit as set.

- set content

· Main body

· Replacement wrist left and right

· Beam rifle

· Large beam · Saber blade × 2

· Shield booster

· Dedicated STAGE set

Height: approx 100mm.