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Nxedge Style [MS UNIT] Strike Freedom Gundam (Re:Color Ver.)

MYR 105.00

Pre-Order deadline on 12-June-16.


- Wings of Liberty again! Strike Freedom Take off !!

- Renewed the body molding color, renewal to Gureisshu white to detail shine.

- As coloring of each section with an increased sparkling beauty burned is in matte metallic paint shine, appeared dedicated STAGE also a clear renewal specifications !!

- Systemic 20 by places more movable, allows various actions.

- It comes with a high-energy beam rifle and beam saber two.

- The set includes: body, replacement wrist right one, MA-M21KF high-energy beam rifle (consolidated state), MA-M02G Gerhard veil Rakeruta beam saber × 2, dedicated STAGE set


Height: approx 80mm.