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RAH Kamen Rider 1 Ultimate Edition

MYR 805.00 MYR 875.00

Pre-order deadline on 11-Apr-16.

- All body parts are the new shape at the latest digital modeling! Characteristic mask also reproduce the shape realistic! Compound eye back pattern is also precisely reproduced!

- Head [Crusher] is setting in semi-fixed state, it can be fixed in a position of preference!

- Chest converter Lang is to respond flexibly to pose by the flexible molded!

- Grove is another part of the forearm covered by the wrist portion, corresponding to a variety of poses in various hand parts are included!

- Boots divides the upper and sole by hardness, both movable and stability!

- [Typhoon] makeover belt reproduce certain types of clear cover the entire surface!

- The rider suit, RAH First, use a heavy-duty leather [Eternal Leather] (made in Japan)!

- The body balance the body line and the movable using RAH301 breaks + private parts!

- Metal arm use, dedicated figure stand!


Height approx 300mm.