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RAH Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form

MYR 975.00

Pre-Order deadline on 11-Jul-16.

- Reproduction final form of Kuuga [Ultimate form] the at the new shape!

- Magamagashiku sharp horn and reproducibility to sharpen the mouth in separate parts molded!

- Characteristic various parts armor precision reproduced by digital modeling!

- Gold line of the whole body is directly subjected to a 3D soft print on the fabric surface, completely reproduce the pattern!

- Corresponding to a variety of poses in various wrist parts are included!

- In the Arkle of belt reproduce the cover mold of the distinctive gold!

- Ancient characters are reproduced in precise Tampo print!

- The body balance the body line and the movable using RAH301 breaks + private parts!

- Moveable figure stand!


Height: approx 30cm.