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Riobot Mazinkaiser Figure

MYR 1,120.00 MYR 1,216.00

Pre-order deadline on 21-Mar-16


- The original of [dynamic planning] supervision, the prototype and design a chemical attack in charge.

- Massive design powerful that shines overwhelming volume feeling and action.

- Pick up the beginning of the movable is not sticking to the design also does not collapse is outline, it has a movable gimmick that can not be experienced only touched people are packed into the whole body.

- Sense of weight using the alloy material while extensive use of metallic paint and clear parts!

- Giant Kaiser scrambler Zehnder is about the width 320mm!

- Abundant optional parts and effect parts can also reproduce the various scenes of comes with Gekichu! It is truly worthy of the name of [Emperor] [RIOBOT Mazinkaiser].

- Accessories: Kaiser pile loaders, Kaiser scrambler loaders, Gigant missile, Final Kaiser blade (one) Kaiser blade (2), grip × 3 this, Hand parts (grip hand and opening two hand × have hand-Chop.), Five effect parts ×, Stand


Height: approx 180mm.