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Robot Spirits Side MS FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

MYR 222.00

Release Date : Within 2017/2
Pre-order Deadline : 2016/10/10

- FSWS planned by birth Gundam armor test type MS [Full Armor Gundam] appeared!

- One of the Gundam strengthening plan of FSWS plan. We developed the armor and weapons of the simple wearable the Gundam to the base.

- Even in Product specifications comes with effect parts of the armor of the detachable and armed, realize there is no overwhelming commodity value in the prior art.

- ANIME- moveable
Overwhelming range of motion that conforms to [ROBOT soul  RX-78-2 Gundam ver.ANIME].
In addition, realizing the range of motion which could not be achieved by the conventional full Armor Gundam goods by the latest design technology is also considering moving interference at the time of the full armor armor.

- ANIME- gimmick
For [ROBOT soul  RX-78-2 Gundam ver.ANIME] body that is based on, removable armor and weapons.
Gundam redesigned the part of the body, easily reproducible detachment of armor.
In addition, realizing the full play by the missile hatch of the opening and closing and effect parts.
Also missile at the time of the missile hatch opening and closing can be reproduced in a different part.

- ANIME- options
Missile launch state by the missile hatch opening and closing gimmick in the armor, firing just before the state can be reproduced.
Cannon is possible moving from the front by a rotary shaft upward. In addition, it can also pose with a sense of realism by installing a fire effect.
2 twin comes with a fire effect parts of the beam gun.

- Set includes: body (RX-78 Gundam), Full Armor armor set, exchange wrist left and right each four, shoulder missile × 2, shoulder missile launch effects × 2, knee missile × 2, knee missile launch effects left and right, 2 twin beam, gun firing effect, 360mm cannon fire effects, head Vulcan effect, Gundam shield, hyper, bazooka, beam, rifle, beam, rifle fire effects, saber grip (length) for the exchange, saber effect × 2 , saber curved effects, wrist storage deck, various joint set

Height: approx 125mm.