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Robot Spirits Side MS Gunner Zaku Warrior (Lunamaria Cutom)

MYR 210.00

Pre-Order deadline on 9-Mar-16

- [Mobile Suit Gundam SEEDDESTINY] restart!
The first installment is Gunner Zaku Warrior !! equipped with a long-range beam cannon

- It was active from the beginning as the new main weapon of ZAFT in [Mobile Suit Gundam SEEDDESTINY] [Gunner Zaku Warrior] appeared to ROBOT soul!

- Color Ring is a love machine of Lunamaria Hawke red.

- Various armed also comes as the beginning of the Gunner Wizard, can reproduce the various scenes in the play.

- Beam assault rifle and beam Tomahawk is included. Magazine of the beam assault guns, detachable. Mono eye can be rotated, corresponding to the various actions.

- Retrofit gimmick, of course reproduction of the wizard system. [High-energy long-range beam cannon] is can be deployed without a replacement.

-ROBOT Soul original backpack exchange gimmick -
- The use of a dedicated joint, it is possible to mount the included with the ROBOT soul sold separately [striker pack] and [silhouette]. (We support new products ※ 2016 since February.)

- The set includes: body, exchange wrist left and right each three, Gunner Wizard, beam tomahawk, beam assault rifle


Height: approx 130mm.