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Robot Spirits Side MS MS-07B Gouf Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

MYR 210.00

Pre-Order deadline on 9-Mar-16


- Zeon Captain [Ramba, Lal] was boarding [Gouf] finally appeared!

- [It different from the Zaku! Name serif Similarly threatening Product specifications of Zaku and is !!]!

-ANIME- Moveable -
- Chest width is changed by the movable shaft that is built-in to the chest. Heat, produce a sense of movement to pose to set up a sword.

- Elbow, achieved an overwhelming moving force repeated moveable verification of the knee joint. In addition, the elbow joint is also adopted axis moving in the direction of rotation, it can also be reproduced powerful pose in the play.

- Threat of heat, the rod is realized. The new method (heat press), is freely bending heat, reproduce the rod. In the same way in the play, you can enjoy wearing around the bazooka, etc. [ROBOT soul  RX-78-2 Gundam ver.ANIME] (sold separately). Long, short of the two types of accessories.

- Mono Eye is moving to the left and right, it is possible to enjoy a facial expression with in conjunction with the pose.

-ANIME- Options -
- Gimmick that removal of the arm of Gouf is built, it is possible to reproduce the animation of the scenes by a combination of damaged parts. In addition, Udesaki that was cut is joint can be in the soul STAGEACT.4 / ACT.5] (sold separately), can reproduce a state in which the floating in the air.

- The left wrist of the finger, Vulcan comes with two other than smacking, can be stored on the wrist storage deck.

- It comes with two types of mounting joint that can change the way to hold the shield by reproduction scene. In addition, the heat shield to the inside, the Sword of the handle can be stored.

- [ROBOT soul  MS-06S Char's Zaku ver.ANIME] be able to play in mounting the vernier effects and blast effects that came with the (sold separately).

- The set includes: body, replacement for the left wrist two, exchange for the right wrist four, heat, sword (blade), heat, Sword (handle), heat, rod (long), heat, rod (short), upper arm damage joint × 2, wrist storage deck, shield

- Gouf first purchase bonus [threat of Zion] campaign - AMRO awakening ~ -
[Further enjoy cut-in plate and a private pedestal is set in the play reproduction! ]

- ANIME further liven up campaign is determining the dione of the threat] lineup of the series!

- Cut-in plate and a private pedestal is set to be able to further enjoy in the play reproduction.

- Once if Gundam fans will want to reproduce realize that scenes in ROBOT soul! AMRO, Ramba, Lal, you can decorate in combination with the goods the cut-in plate on the character and the name serif] of Gaia. Stand can be movable axis, it can be placed adjusted by the posing of MS. [Soul STAGEACT.4 / ACT.5] can be combined with the strut of (sold separately), it will spread even more of the play.


Height: approx 125mm.