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Robot Spirits Side MS MSM-07S Char Aznables ZGok Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

MYR 240.00

Pre-Order deadline on 12-June-16.

- ANIME- moveable

· Realize the overwhelming moving force repeated moveable verification of elbow-knee joint. Further, the forearm By providing the rotating shaft, it is possible to change the claw orientation arbitrarily.

• The abdomen employs a movable shaft consecutive an image of the lumbar spine. It can be strong poses, such as in the movie scene.

· Hip adopted a new mechanism to achieve both the shape and the movable to. A built-in spring, pants shape change in accordance with the moving.

- Built-in part of the arm to the chest. Draw out the length of the arm is changed by, can produce a similar sense of movement in the play.

- ANIME- options
Vernier effect is included, directing the movement of MS.

- It comes with parts to reproduce the scenes. In the future, it will be released [ROBOT soul  RGM-79 Jim ver.ANIME] and fit can play.

Iron Nail comes with four nails for the exchange and three nails. Each nail is the independently movable.

- It comes with mega particle cannon effects and arms cut damage effects, can be reproduced in the play scene.

· Realize the Mono Eye moveable by the replacement. In addition, it comes with fixing Mono Eye to faithfully reproduce the in the play representation.

- You can enjoy [ROBOT soul  RX-77-2 Gun Cannon ver.ANIME] first purchase bonus when combined and in the play reproduction of (sold separately) is more.

- The set includes: body, exchange for four nail × 2, the replacement fixed Mono Eye parts, arms mega particle cannon effect × 2, arms cut damage effects, gym abdomen through the nails (back side), gym abdominal through the forearm (abdomen side), vernier effect × 2


Height: approx 130mm.