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Robot Spirits Side MS RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. A.N.I.M.E.

MYR 210.00

Pre-Order deadline on 12-June-16.


-. RX-78-2 Gundam ver reproducible force that has been put in ANIME. Now revived at that time of the think ...... taste like at that time of excitement. Gundam start ran through the war one year!

- RX-78-2 Gundam history of today's technology and 35 Toshi-yo produces. First of Mobile Suit Gundam series where you can enjoy the reproduction of action and the scene in the play. Gundam it is possible to enjoy along with the combination of the lineup the iconic scene that ran through the war one year.

- ANIME- modeling
Not only of broadcast time video, and verification 36 years of product design. By the distance perspective, detail that produces animation and reality. Shape and color ring as ANIME to revive now.

- ANIME- moveable: Various movable gimmick to reproduce the animation scene
- Not only moving the neck, the new movable shaft using panel line head, the new axis of looking up the top.

- It can spread the expressive power by the movable shoulder. In addition, the overwhelming moving force of the elbow joint superimposed verification.

Chest width is changed by the new movable shaft, which is built-in to the chest.

Can be moving or twisting of the abdomen in three axes continuously to image the-lumbar spine.

- Astounding and moving by the verification of the interlocking and movable shaft of armor. 

The front movable groin axis, further enhance the sense of movement.

- ANIME- options: gimmick parts and various armed and effects to reproduce the animation scene
Beam rifle can be installed to shield the back side.

• 2 kinds of mounting mount that can change your grip of the shield by reproduction scene. In addition, it can be mounted on the back of Gundam.

Hyper-bazooka is possible to mount to the waist. In addition, the soul of optional STAGE (ACT.4 / ACT.5) and comes with two types of joint that connects to the waist and crotch, the display can be tailored to the scene to reproduce.

Beam rifle beam effect is included. Reproduce the Balkan effect in replacement of the corner.
Vernier effect is included. Not only the bag of vernier, also can be attached to the sole of the vernier.

Wrist storage deck is attached, both loss prevention and worldview reproduction of parts.

- The set includes: body, replacement wrist left and right each four, shield, beam rifle, beam effects, hyper bazooka, saber effects × 2, saber curved effects, replacement saber grip, Vulcan effect, vernier effect × 2, wrist storage deck

Height: approx 125mm.

Item Size/Weight : 20.4 x 19.6 x 4.2 cm / 201g