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S.H.Figuarts: Star Wars Han Solo (A NEW HOPE)

MYR 215.00

Release Date : Within 2017/2
Pre-order Deadline : 2016/10/10

- Give to all of STAR WARS fan

- SHFiguarts than, appeared long-awaited Han Solo.

- Adopt a digital coloring technique popular.

- Use this technology that can be tinted any color in the eyes of about 3mm, it achieved an overwhelming recall irreproducible in the other.

- Seems to Han Solo, rough of poses and, range of motion corresponding to the dynamic action poses.

- Blaster is fully reproducible the time of use and the storage state in the parts replacement.

- Han Solo sidekick, also Chewbacca will be released.

- Spread in SHFiguarts series, the world of STAR WARS.

- The set includes: body, exchange wrist left two right three, blaster, holster


Height: approx 150mm.