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S.H.Figuarts Star Wars Battle Droid Geonosis Color

MYR 170.00

Pre-Order deadline on 10-Aug-16

See S.H.Figuarts Clone Trooper Phase 2 (Completed) also.

- Geonosis battle.

- Battle Droid was popular than SHFiguarts appeared in Geo Gnosis color.

- Equipped with previous similar deformation gimmick, this time additional C-3PO retrofit gimmick.

- Without the parts replacement, it can be modified from the storage state to the state after the start-up.

- C-3PO head is attached. It can reproduce the scenes of STAR WARS in the replacement.

- SHFiguarts attracted STAR WARS series can reproduce the Battle of Geonosis.

- The set includes: body, C-3PO head for replacement, the replacement antenna parts, blaster


Height: approx 155mm.