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Saint Seiya Collection Leo Aiolia

MYR 95.00

Pre-Order deadline on 18-Jul-16

Item arrival on Dec'16.

- The size that has been deformed in the total length of about 85mm, focus on facial expression seems to [Saint Seiya]!

- To [Cloth] is using the likely plating coloring reflection face!

- Hands and feet is possible to reproduce the moving, the deathblow and decided pose of using the replacement parts!

- In Deformed it has been [cute], serving as Saint Seiya new multiplied by the [coolness] [Saint Seiya] figure.

- Three-dimensional style in the deformation of the shape of golden Saint Aioria of Leo in the younger brother of Sagittarius Aeolus!

- Head that has been molding stuck to reproduce in the play image. Two types of face parts of the normal face and shouting face to feel the dignity and the strong will of the Aioria is included.

- Hair can be replaced in disconnected holy costume wearing state.

- Head, lumbar, shoulder, hip, built-in the body with a built-in ball joint to the ankle, even while emphasizing the standing figure, even scenes in the play can be reproduced.

- Pose of mortal by raising straighten the right arm technique [Lightning Bolt] is, it is possible to assume the pose of both arms - Golden Saint of the Trinity attack by replacing the Athena exclamation].

Height: approx 8.5cm