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Saint Seiya Collection Sagittarius Seiya

MYR 95.00

Pre-Order deadline on 18-Jul-16

Item arrival on Dec'16.

- The size that has been deformed in the total length of about 85mm, focus on facial expression seems to [Saint Seiya]!

- To [Cloth] is using the likely plating coloring reflection face!

- Hands and feet is possible to reproduce the moving, the deathblow and decided pose of using the replacement parts!

- In Deformed it has been [cute], serving as Saint Seiya new multiplied by the [coolness] [Saint Seiya] figure.

- With the help of KimuKiyoshitoshi Aeolus, of three-dimensional deformation style the figure of Seiya was wearing a golden Cloth of Sagittarius!

- Head stuck to the reproduction in the play image. Two types comes with standard face and shouting face to represent the indomitable character of Seiya.

- Hair can be replaced in disconnected holy costume wearing state.

- Head, lumbar, shoulder, hip, built-in the body with a built-in ball joint to the ankle, even while showing beautiful standing figure, can reproduce the scenes in the play by moving the various parts.

- Wing back is to expand to the left and right by the base is movable, by replacing both arms, it can pose to be Iyo by Tsugae the arrow is the name scene of Sagittarius Seiya.

Height: approx 8.5cm.