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Saint Seiya Collection Virgo Shaka

MYR 95.00

Pre-Order deadline on 18-Jul-16

Item arrival on Dec'16.

- The size that has been deformed in the total length of about 75mm, focus on facial expression seems to [Saint Seiya]!

- To [Cloth] is using the likely plating coloring reflection face!

- Hands and feet is possible to reproduce the moving, the deathblow and decided pose of using the replacement parts!

- In Deformed it has been [cute], serving as Saint Seiya new multiplied by the [coolness] [Saint Seiya] figured to be [the most divine man close to], Golden Saint Shaka of Virgo.

- Condensing the divinity in deformed style!

- Head that has been molding stuck to reproduce in the play image. Long blond hair is also a feature of Shaka is both the shape and the movable by exquisite molding.

- Face parts, in addition to the normal state with shut both eyes, two states that opened the eyes at the time of feeding the mystery heaven dance circle ornament is included.

- Arms parts, the right hand is two, the left hand is three accessories. And posing to increase the microcosm face to face the palm of the hand, it is making it possible to also insert exchange to the left arm, which can reproduce the form which had the head part of the Golden Cloth.

- It is also possible to assume a fighting style that removed the cloak.

Height: approx 7.5cm.