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Soul of Chogokin GX-71 Beast King GoLion

MYR 1,100.00

Pre-Order deadline on 8-Aug-16.


- Despite the high price of that time 9,800 yen, 430,000 pieces that were recorded superalloy biggest sales [superalloy DX future beast coalescence Goraion] (launched 1981).

- Beyond the time of more than 30 years, it resurrected as a super alloy soul!

- Shouting face of the iconic deathblow scene after coalescence can be reproduced in that Sashikaeru the face parts!

- Of each lion squatting, take a wide range of poses of Sakuchu street by a movable mechanism that takes into account until the so-called Sitting pose.

- Set a large number of weapons in the commodity. Gun-type weapon that can be mounted on the lion of each, including the sword-type weapon, also included Juo swords and space cutter that can be mounted on the time of your beast coalescence robot.

- All of the parts included these can be stored on the pedestal with the motif of the castle of Sakuchu.

- Product Description: Black Lion, Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion, yellow lion, Juo sword, double sword, space cutter, various armed, Stand


Height: approx. 27cm.