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Soul of Chogokin GX-72 Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Daijuujin

MYR 1,300.00

Release Date : Within 2017/3
Pre-order Deadline : 2016/10/10

Guardian Beast of --5 body is now again, evolve into God!

- Has not been achieved at that time [superalloy] reduction. By the time of the creator through the years of 20 Toshiyo large beast God is reborn as a super alloy soul.

- Of the five bodies Guardian Beast
Incorporating a large impression in the play, overwhelmingly improved balance, in detail both as a stand-alone guardian beast!

- Combined! Deformation!
When the five bodies is first coalesce to dyno tanker mode! Dyno deformation sequence from the tanker to the large beast God also reproduced in the play! Height about 26cm, large beast God became superalloy advent beyond the time of 20 Toshiyo!

- Also features additional gimmick of super alloy soul unique. Cover to show well the guardian beast form on the tenth Mammoth, connection gimmick of Triceratops during firing of the corner that appeared to in the play reproduced gimmick, saber Tiger tail of extension gimmick, and Cannon is to Pteranodon was a tribute the toy of the time mounting.

- The contents of a set: Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus, guardian beast FILL UP Mammoth, guardian beast Triceratops, guardian beast saber Tiger, guardian beast Pteranodon, beast tank cannon, dinosaur sword Gottohon

Height: approx 260mm