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Super Figure Art Collection Dragon Ball Kai Super Saiyajin Son Gokou Ver.2

MYR 350.00 MYR 370.00

- Medicos Entertainment will release than [Super Figure Art Collection, appeared [Dragon Ball Kai Super Saiyan Son Goku Ver.2] !!

- Trail band and distinctive hair has also been described as lively, even when viewed from any angle it is complete impeccable.

- Such as the slight damage of blood vessels and boots that stand out in the arm, it is a gem that not even fans commitment pulled everywhere are allowed to nailed the eye.

- Since the painted model, where happy to also be able to decorate just bought.

- Height 23 cm and powerful in big size also perfect score !!

- In addition, this [Ver.2] In hair of parts has upgraded to clear parts, and no doubt be happy to this high degree of perfection if witnessing the real thing !!

- Modeling Produce: Takumi Kobo


Item Size/Weight : 30.3 x 27 x 18.1 cm / 1324g