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Super Robot Chogokin - Great Mazinger (Iron Finish)

MYR 320.00

Pre-Order deadline on 12-June-16


- Introducing the Great Mazinger in that process to spread the world of Super Robot alloy in A New representation method.

- Different texture from the texture. Luster of a sense of metal is on the edge. Metal representation by plating + clear.

- [Mazinger Z ~ iron (Kurogane) finish ~] (sold separately) and a handshake for the wrist accessories.

[~ Iron (Kurogane) finish ~]
Applying a unique surface treatment that can experience the steel of the body from the texture, ultra-alloy production method became the supreme dish by contrast of gloss and texture is condensed, is it [~ iron (Kurogane) finish ~].

※ [~ iron (Kurogane) finish ~] is the name of the surface treatment in order to reproduce the texture of steel, it does not imply that the iron is used in the material.

- The set includes: body, exchange wrist left two right three, handshake wrist × 2, Mazinger blade, scrambled dash set, drill pressure punch left and right, flying unit foot parts left and right, Blaine Condor, joint parts for the soul stage


Height: approx 140mm.