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Transformer Legends LG39 Brainstorm

MYR 130.00

Pre-Order deadline on 17-Aug-16.

- Full deformation-free comes with a domestic original animation face of head master in the new design transformer tech ter of interposer Bull.

- Head master boarding to the vehicle, capable of boarding to the weapons back in addition to head-on coalescence in robot mode.

- In addition, mini-vehicle accessory, the deformation of the two vehicles and weapons mode capable triple changer machine, capable of boarding play of the head master.

- Head master function in conjunction with the series of optional, position fixed due compatibility and micro pin of boarding play in a cross-head-on (head exchange coalescence) or vehicle, works with items that deformation to the base of the same series to play it can be, by aligning the Shirizu, spread play wide.

- The contents of goods: jet (body) (1), the head master (1), weapons (1), mini-vehicle (1), instruction manual (1)


Item Size : 22 x 15 x 6.5 cm