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Transformer Masterpiece MP-33 Inferno

MYR 505.00

Pre-order deadline on 20-Jul-16.

- Lifeguard Inferno of Cybertron is finally appeared in the Masterpiece series.

- Fire truck regular license acquisition of Mitsubishi Fuso T951 to be deformed.

- In robot mode, complete deformation specifications that faithfully reproduce the animation setting.

- Chest parts and face parts, communications equipment, also accessories such as water flow effect parts enhancement.

- Sold separately of alerts and combine and to allow reproduction of the animation of the scenes!

- In the range of motion of the past the largest, you can enjoy a variety of poses, such as Standing knee.


[set content]
Inferno body (1), anime grill (1), alert holding grill (1), fire fighting rifle (1), communication equipment (2), face for the square-shaped head (1), face for the round head (2) , water discharge effect parts (1), round head (1), barrel (White) (1), fire hose (1), character card (1), manual (1), seal (1)

Item Size : 24 x 24 x 8.5 cm