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Transformer Masterpiece MP-34 Cheetor

MYR 230.00

Pre-Order deadline on 17-Aug-16.

- 2nd Beast Wars Transformers Masterpiece series, Cybertron / dense forest warden Chitasu (Beast Wars) appeared!

- Chitasu that gained popularity as a CG animation audience of life-size characters in the teenager nature of the trouble makers belong to the justice Autobots corps of in the Beast Wars ultra-life Transformers] in was revived with the latest interpretation and technology.

- Beast mode reproduces the supple form seems cheetah, you can enjoy a variety of poses by the various parts joint.

- MP-32 effectively used with Chitasu the introduced hydraulic transfer technology from the convoy, it has been faithfully reproduced the speckled pattern of systemic in conjunction with pad printing.

- Beard is realistic to use the gut made of nylon.

- Replacement head (anger), (surprise) comes, it can reproduce the 9 pattern combination of by eyes of orientation to exchange different eye of parts.

- Jaw can open and close all.

- Two types of gun that also appeared in the play can be attached to the body in Beast mode.

- Laser shot A in the abdomen, laser shot B will be to the waist and tail.

- Turn in robot mode, transformed into a Chitasu of metallic blue and gold has been faithfully reproduce the impressive main video!

- Face part is available as a replacement for face accessory (smile) (surprise), you can reproduce the action poses of the image as in a variety of play by the whole body of the joint.

- Two kinds of other weapons is to have in hand, can also be left attached to the back when not in use.

- Eyes are transmitted through the light in the clear parts.

- It so you can enjoy side by side Yes to match the MP-32 Convoy and robot mode height ratio in the play.

- Corresponds to the Transformers Stand (sold separately), you can display in a pose that was floating in the air in both the Beast mode robot mode.

- The contents of goods: Chitasu body (weapons two included) (1), the replacement head (Beast Mode) (anger) (1), the replacement head (Beast Mode) (surprise) (1), the replacement face (robot mode ) (smile) (1), the replacement face (robot mode) (anger) (1), instruction manual (1)