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Zoids ZA Mugen Liger

MYR 245.00 MYR 320.00

Pre-Order close on 30-Mar-16.


- The third form of Murasameraiga to special evolution [Mugen Liger] appeared in the ZA series!

- Sword [Murasame blade] is deformed alter ego [Murasame Breaker] [Mugen blade] is of course possible deployment. Since the base is moving to flexible it is possible to assume a more aggressive action poses. Please enjoy the Mugen Liger became finish further feeling of luxury by than significantly increasing the painted parts Murasameraiga.

- [Murasame Breaker] [Mugen blade] will enjoy movable and various action poses in three places base.

- Cockpit canopy is available Check the internal opening and closing.

- Cheek blade will correspond to the aggressive action poses and moving.

- You can reproduce the various types of attack scene to expansion and contraction Pairubanka of the front legs.

- You can enjoy in various flying base in the corresponding jump take poses sold separately.
- Tail will be moving to flexible through the metal wire in the PVC parts.

- Is significantly finish paint place is increased feeling of luxury than Murasameraiga.

- Design: Marca Hiroyuki through


Item Size : 21 x 17 x 14 cm